Daniel James

Hey, my name is Daniel James and I like to write about things going on in my life from time to time. My day is a website developer where I work on a range of projects which mainly focus on WordPress. I am based in Essex and have been in the industry for a number of years now working on a whole host of things and learning anything that I can to improve each day. I’ve built complex web apps and even assembled some tricky flat pack furniture too.

Apart from life on-the-line, I do occasionally turn the laptop off and go outside for a hot chocolate at Starbucks and go cycling. I also enjoy playing hockey competitively and doing a bit of photography now and then but I’m not too serious about that because I can never get the focus right. To top it all off, I use Netflix nearly everyday and also try super hard to read books but I can never get past chapter one. One day I’ll finish a book.

The Five Facts

  • Lattes are my thing.
  • Defensive position when I play Hockey.
  • Xbox based shooter and adventure games are where it’s at.
  • Literally any film that isn’t boring. Chick-flicks are accepted.
  • Spicy food is the best food. Any curry is fine.