Ed Sheeran at Wembley

I forgot I’d booked tickets to see Ed Sheeran live again until a couple of months ago. I booked them so long ago and fairly soon after the last time that it skipped my mind. I really admire his talent for being able to play so many shows by himself. Very few artists (even the huge names) wouldn’t be able to do what he does and I think it shows his real talent. My favourite bit is the fact that he uses a loop pedal to perform his songs rather than with a band.

So this time around we managed to get tickets to see him at Wembley in London. After a great day out, we finally got into the stadium and found our seats and waited patiently. As it’s Wembley on a Saturday night, there was a few surprises. He played the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the Sunday of the week we went, but he mentioned early on that the Saturday was supposed to be the big night.

Jamie Lawson supported him first, which included his song Can’t See Straight which Ed co-wrote. That’s the song they managed to include discombobulation in! Hearing him live was great and I think we’d definitely go and see him in his own show. Up next to support him was Anne-Marie. I’ll be honest; I’m not a fan. She did sing Rockabye, the song she did in collaboration with Clean Bandit which was good. Once the show actually started, Ed seemed to talk much more than he did when we saw him last year in Birmingham.

One thing we discovered was that he’s actually really funny and knows how to deal with a massive crowd of people. After singing some of the classics like The A Team, Bloodstream and Eraser, he came on to do an encore which included Shape Of You with a guest appearance from Stormzy. Yet again it was a fantastic day and we absolutely loved every minute.

Written by Dan

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