Failed Projects

I have a bit of a knack for starting a project and giving up after a certain amount of time. There’s so many factors involved when I abandon a project it’s hard to pinpoint let alone fix the issue. The biggest problem is probably timing but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have anything to do with boredom. The truth is, it’s really hard to get stuck into a project and get it in a state where people can try it out. It’s super hard. Sometimes you get to that crucial bit where you either figure out the issue you’ve been racking your brain with for days or decide to call it a day.

I’ve not written much lately, and part of that is down to this darn project. You see, WordPress is great and all, but it’s stuck in a bit of a rut with a controversial feature that may or may not be released at some point this year. It’d make blogging a real chore, for me at least. A few weeks ago I was introduced to software called Ghost which I originally discovered a few years ago. It’s a super cool, super lightweight blogging system that focuses just on writing. Nothin’ else.

It’s great, it’s free… but it’s not mine. I did start writing a blogging system years ago that funnily enough (shocker) I didn’t finish. It was more of a proof of concept than anything else but it was at least a little pet project I had to let me improve my coding knowledge. I decided I’d return to try to finish that original project. Well, from scratch, but still give the idea another go. So far it’s going well. I’ve written some nifty little APIs for posts and users. I also sort have figured out routing and URLs which is a right pain. I just need to keep going and figure out how to tackle media uploading and extensions (plugins to WordPress fans). Hopefully I’ll be able to release it at some point this year (that’s the dream anyway). Wish me luck.

Written by Dan

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