Love Island

I’ve surprised myself recently as I’ve started to take a real interest in Love Island and Naomi and I binge watched the whole of season one in a matter of weeks (all 30+ episodes) which is pretty good for us. I found it a little tricky to get into to start with and if you’d have asked me last year when series two was airing, I would have laughed if you’d have said I’d watch it. It’s tough for sure. It’s pretty much a bunch of twenty-somethings sun-bathing, smoking, arguing and having sex (not necessarily in that order). You can probably tell it’s not for everyone and I don’t think I’d have watched it if it wasn’t on Netflix. The advert breaks alone would have been too much to bear.

I think this time around though (series three) seems to have more of a buzz around it and will probably take off more. It started on ITV 2 yesterday but I didn’t really catch it so will have to go back and re-watch it properly. If series one is anything to go by, it’ll probably only start getting really interesting in the final two weeks and I think it goes on for about eight weeks. Anyway, it’s too early to even guess what to expect so I’ll catch up in eight weeks.

Written by Dan

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