Still Not Returning To Social Media

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not returning to social media, especially after the whole ‘Facebook thing’ happened but I wanted a way that people could still potentially find my posts, particularly friends & family that still might be interested anyway. Besides, according to CNBC, they said;

Facebook’s daily active users in North America rose slightly last quarter to 185 million, a sign that the company’s News Feed algorithm tweaks and data privacy issues may not have deterred consumers.

I thought I read that article elsewhere, like maybe the BBC but couldn’t find anything else. The point is though, this whole privacy scandal doesn’t seem to have affected Facebook in anyway at all. Whilst surprising, it makes sense. People probably don’t care. I personally have tried to stay off it as best I can and I think I’ve done a pretty decent job at it. Regardless of notifications or messages I may have gotten, I’ve stayed completely off the site.

I realised at the weekend though, that I’m at least sometimes writing content that people at least somewhat close to me might want to read perhaps? I don’t have to go on the social networks, but I can still share to them. I like to think of it as a middle ground. I don’t need to login, but I can still still share what I’m writing whenever I like.

I’ve written about this subject (this makes it three times) two times before and it’s something I do feel strongly about. I don’t like social media and I think it’s gotten to a point where people are relying on it too much. I still have a phone, so I don’t see why Tweeting me or messaging me on Facebook is any easier than just texting me. Heck, if you have an iPhone you literally have no excuse.

Also, it’s kind of shocking that the social thing hasn’t slowed down at all at this point in general. What happened was a massive breach of trust and isn’t something you should put up with. Besides, there’s plenty more things you could be wasting your time with; like blogging…

Written by Dan

I drink lattes and write things.