Adele Live

It’s taken us a while to get round to writing this, but last week we were lucky enough to see the last Adele show at Wembley. It was something we had been looking forward to since we got the tickets last year!

Going to see her at Wembley also gave us the perfect opportunity to spend the day in London, which is something we haven’t done for a while. It was really nice to have a walk around the city and see how it’s changed since the last time we went there which was probably well over a year ago by now.

We spent the day walking around, looking at the usual attractions like Big Ben, Parliament and Covent Garden. We even saw a busker called Morf who sang and did some really cool guitar stuff. It’s also worth a mention that we visited one of the many Wok to Walk chinese takeaways which do amazing noodles, they’re so good! Eating it took us right back to when we ate exactly the same meal in Amsterdam.

We were quite high up in the stands so when we first got to our seats it took a while to get used to looking down. But once we got used to it we were just really excited for the show to begin. It also helped that Adele was on a round stage in the middle of the pitch, so we weren’t struggling to see her until she walked around the other side briefly.

Throughout the show you could tell she was having problems with her voice, but managed to hold it together throughout and even made some jokes out of having to start the second or third song over again because she’d messed it up! I think she did really well though to get through the amount of shows she’s done over the past year and with the recent news of having to cancel the remaining shows she had, I think we can consider ourselves very lucky!

Out of all the shows we’ve been to, it was definitely one of the best.

Written by Dan

I drink lattes and write things.