An Unhelpful Barista

I went into London yesterday and had a bit of a weird experience. I went to a Starbucks, like I usually do (all the time) and ordered a Peppermint Hot Chocolate. I get the same thing every time I go there, and rarely ever deviate away from that order. I know the drink, it’s nice, it’s my thing. So I ordered it, and the barista said that they don’t do peppermint. It’s weird how they phrased it too. Starbucks do peppermint, and have for years upon years. In fact I had my very same Starbucks order at the weekend with peppermint in it. It was the way he said it, made it seem like they’ve discontinued it, from that branch.

Anyway, I shrugged it off, and ordered a caramel version of the drink instead. Standard. Where this whole thing gets slightly interesting was that after the barista making the drink handed it to me, he then said words to the effect of;

The other Starbucks has peppermint if you’d like it.


They waited until I had the drink in my hand, paid for and ready to drink to then say, if you just go to the other one close by, they’ll have it. It’s not a big deal, I get that. But it just seemed so bizarre that they’d make my order and then tell me that if I really need peppermint, I can go elsewhere for it. It’s worth noting that there were two baristas at this store working. One served me and the other made the drink. However, they both spoke to one another about whether they had any of the syrup flavouring; so they were both on the same page.

Great advice, terrible timing. It’s not a big deal, but just seems like the whole customer experience could have been vastly improved by telling me that information sooner. Never mind. Caramel is just fine.

Written by Dan

I drink lattes and write things.