Giving Up On Writing

It’d be ironic if I had to take a break and split this post into two parts – feeling a sense of fatigue and needing to take a break to recharge and come back to it almost. I haven’t written much recently; generally I don’t seem to have had that drive that I had a few months ago and that’s a shame I think. It sucks when you feel passionate about something and then at some point you just lose all desire to keep it going. It makes you think that it was all for nothing or that you’ve somehow failed yourself in a way. I hate that, I really do.

It’s probably the same for most people in which if you decide to sit down and write something, you can’t do it because you’re putting yourself on the spot, but other times an idea can pop into your head and you can explore it with a thousand words to no end. I don’t know, I’m just rambling because I thought I had a plan to do more and instead I’ve kind of just fallen behind and not had a chance. I totally have time to do it though, make no mistake – I’m not ‘busy’ with things, I’m just doing other stuff that is arguably no more or less important.

I’ll consider this inspiration to actually start writing more. It’s funny though because I write this like I’m some kind of high level writer with a book deal which is so far from reality. I’m just a guy with a blog, right? My problem probably just stems from my complete lack of time management. That’s probably what’s tripping me up here. Although it makes for a decent article as I’ve so clearly demonstrated right now. I’ll take this as a small personal victory.

Written by Dan

I drink lattes and write things.