International Women’s Day Achievement

I feel a bit light headed now after running in circles for 5 minutes straight but I did it! I unlocked the International Women’s Day Achievement on my Apple Watch. I don’t usually do too well on my activity rings. They’re the three red, green and blue rings that track your activity throughout your day.

I saw the achievement appear the other day whilst looking through my stats and noticed a special achievement had appeared and was waiting to be unlocked. A core part of the Apple Watch is the three rings – red is for moving, green is for exercise and blue is for standing. I’ve found it’s quite hard to meet my goals on a daily basis despite them being set rather low which is annoying. But it’s good because it gets me to do more when I can so I’m proud of the fact I’ve unlocked a few pixels on this tiny screen to prove I actually moved today. It makes me feel good.

Ive found that personally it’s hard to get up and exercise regularly, especially when you’re busy with other things. I don’t often find time to get everything done when I want to which is frustrating. Ideally another special achievement will be up soon and I can aim for that one too!

Written by Dan

I drink lattes and write things.