It’s coming home?

I’m not much of a football fan, it has to be said. However, this World Cup is very different and has piqued my interest definitely. When I was younger I used to watch football a fair amount and the World Cup was something I’d never miss. I’d always watch England play and hope with bated breath that’d they’d get just one more goal, just one more.

It slowly changed as I got older though and slowly grew tired of investing an hour and a half of my time watching England lose constantly. So that’s why this World Cup is different. England are actually doing well for a change and it doesn’t really seem normal. Last night they beat Columbia, who by the way; basically cheated their way to a penalty shootout. Now they’re in the semi-finals and what’s even more interesting is that this time, some of the high-profile teams that you’d expect to fight to the final aren’t even in it anymore!

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I have a good feeling about their next match against Sweden at the weekend. I think the trick is to not get carried away. After all, if ‘we win’, it’s not like I’ll get to lift the trophy. It’s just a bit of fun but I have my fingers crossed that we’ll at least get to the final. It’s been a long time since ’66.

Written by Dan

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