Little Shop of Horrors

I don’t usually go out to the theatre, but last night I went to the local Mercury Theatre to see the Little Shop of Horrors stage show with a group of people from work. Apart from a couple of London West End shows I’ve seen previously – the theatre isn’t really something I’d usually go to so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from it. Not only that; Little Shop of Horrors is a book written in 1982 that got made into a film and then adapted into a stage show. So it’s available in a variety formats but I hadn’t heard of it until a month or so ago.

I went in without any expectations because I really didn’t know what to expect from it at all. I’m happy to say I was surprised and it made me think about possibly seeing other shows. The film for it was made in 1986 so as you can imagine, it’s not like any blockbuster hits today. The stage version seemed to try and stay true to it’s previous formats from research on YouTube with a couple of changes here and there. Most of the cast was made up of kids of all kinds of ages with only a couple of adult roles but it was still professionally put together. The most impressive thing was the plant as it gradually got bigger between scenes.

My only criticism of the show was the accents – as it’s based in America, specifically within a typical New York neighbourhood with the classic ‘New Yoik‘ type of accent. It was funny hearing an Essex-New York hybrid of an accent every so often but it’s probably quite hard to keep that going and sing at the same time. Overall, it was really good and I recommend it to anyone who’s into that kind of thing. It was a fun night out and pleased I saw it.

Written by Dan

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