Mr Robot

Over the past few weeks, Naomi and I started watching Mr Robot on an Amazon Prime trial and decided that this would be the next TV show to binge watch. If you’re not familiar with Mr Robot, it follows the adventure of a hacker in the States which tells the story of how E Corp, an international corporation that is evil gets hacked. It’s suffice to safe that Mr Robot is not like any other show we’ve watched. The only word that comes to mind is ‘weird’, because if I’m being honest, we just didn’t understand what was happening half the time.

It’s not always clear what’s going on and it can sometimes get so complex, you kind of forget what you’re watching and zone out, just watching the TV move and hearing sounds. I have no doubt the show is well written and produced, but we just didn’t understand it. We managed to get to the end of season two and we’re calling it a day because of two reasons. We’ve started to not like it as much, and the trial ended. But nonetheless, if you’re into thrillers with lots of plot twists and intricate details, it’s probably for you.

I think we’ll head back to Netflix and see what else has come on since we started watching Mr Robot. I’d recommend it, but be warned; you’ll need to be fully awake and committed to the story otherwise it gets confusing very quickly.

Written by Dan

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