My Trip to the Island of Bali

At the end of November I surprised Naomi with a holiday to Bali. We spent a week on the island, spending our time in the area of Ubud. It was quite a long flight for a week, but we did everything we wanted to do in the area we stayed, and felt like it was just the right amount of time to be away. She’d been wanting to go since we first met and even though we’d been away to Amsterdam earlier in the year, it felt like a much needed getaway at the end of the year.

The difference in culture was huge though and not something that you can necessarily read about before you head over there. In general Asia has a very different way about itself than Western Europe has. It was really interesting to just walk the streets and see the different soundings, especially a Starbucks in the middle of a jungle.

On the day we arrived we experienced a rain storm typical for Bali in the rainy season. It was nice and relaxing the sit and watch it from our hotel room veranda. It also happened to be the day Bali was on the news all over the world due to the volcano showing signs of erupting. We were far enough away from it that we were clueless to the chaos it was causing.

Once we were over the jet lag, we spent our first full day we went to the Goa Gajah (the Elephant cave), the Tegenungan waterfall and to a coffee plantation where we tried some varieties of tea and coffee. The caves were really interesting as it was our first insight into the culture and customs of the island. Even though lots of market traders wanted to try and sell us a sarong, you get one to use for free whilst in there which the taxi driver helpful told us before we got out which saved us a bit of money.

During the middle of our stay we then decided to check out The Monkey Forest which was literally just around the corner from our hotel which was handy. It’s quite easy to get lost in there and you have to make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. On more than one occasion, large, adult monkeys would walk straight past us with some unfortunate tourists being jumped on by them.

The biggest day out we went on was to the Elephant Sanctuary. We spent a bit of extra money for the opportunity to spend time washing and playing with Debbie, a 35 year old Sumatran elephant. It was an amazing experience being able to get so close to such an amazing animal. All the elephants looked happy and looked after which made us feel like it was somewhere we felt comfortable giving money to. It was the highlight of the holiday and something we would do again.

Overall I think has probably been our favourite holiday yet. There are more places we’re eager to travel to in Asia though such as Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Japan to name a few. We’d strongly recommend anyone who wants to take a trip to Bali to do so. We felt a week was just right for us, although if the Mount Agung (the Volcano) wasn’t in the state it was, I think we would have wanted to stay a bit longer and explore more of the island if possible.

Written by Dan

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