One Hundred Posts

Just under two years ago I decided to start a personal blog about my life and what I get up to day-to-day. I can’t really believe that since then I’ve managed to keep it going, let alone reach the 100 posts published mark which I’m quite proud of myself for reaching. To begin with I wasn’t quite sure what I could write about and it was difficult to sit down and write something on a semi regular basis. Nonetheless I tried and even though I know I don’t get a huge following, it’s nice knowing someone might read an odd post here or there. Although I’m not bothered if they people don’t, the fun bit is the writing.

It’s weird to think that time has gone so quickly as well. I remember when I first launched the blog. It was blue and yellow with a huge banner image of some garden plants at the top of the page. I don’t think it looked too bad but it wasn’t perfect and looked a little messy. Since then I’ve posted at least once a month with topics ranging from gigs to blogging assignments and even some photography pieces.

I’m looking forward to progressing my blog further and working on it more. I think overall it’s been a super fun project to work on, not only from a web development aspect, but also from a writing aspect too. I’m hoping that I’ll expand my blog a bit more and maybe even get some more readers but I don’t think you can rush that sort of thing. It either happens or it doesn’t. We’ll have to wait and see however that’s not really my main focus.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around and reading my constant ramblings and if you’re interested in reading my first ever post on my blog, you should go and read it. I’m sure I’ve improved my writing since then, I’d like to hope so anyway! Also, you should go and read my post about my first year of blogging which I didn’t think I’d manage. I really should have gotten some stats prepared for this as well now I think about it. That might be something I think about for post two hundred.

Written by Dan

I drink lattes and write things.