Really Leaving Social Media

I wrote about leaving social media a while ago when I described why I felt the need to step away and give it up for good. It worked really well to begin with and I managed to not even be tempted for months. Over the past few months though I’ve found myself going back, particularly on Facebook to see how many distractions notifications I had. It seemed that since I decided to leave, I somehow had more and more things to read due to people ‘tagging’ me.

I made the decision yesterday to actually logout of all social media sites so I won’t be tempted. Now I have to log back in, there’s no chance I can be bothered to go back. I think the main problem stems from people relying on it so much that instead of doing things like texting, they default to messenger instead. Whatever the reason, I’m done with it.

I’m hoping more people will follow suit as well. There’s been a lot of bad press about it recently. In fact, not long ago Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbrrg said he wanted to change how it all worked as it seems the site has pivoted to something he’s not happy with. Even Twitter shares the same issues. A lot of sponsored content and ‘perfect versions’ of people make you feel bad. You end up scrolling through a curated timeline of crap.

This’ll be a challenge for sure, I don’t know what I’ll miss but I don’t think it’ll matter too much. Besides, if anyone wants me, emailing or texting still works, there’s nothing wrong with that. Ideally I’ll have more time to spend on projects, learn a new language and actually read a book from beginning to end. Hopefully.

Written by Dan

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