Speaking at WordPress Suffolk

One thing I wanted to do more of is more public speaking. I mentioned in my last post when I spoke at WordPress Essex last year in September or October (I forget) that is was a really great experience for me. The event was held yesterday on a sunny Thursday evening at the Suffolk Uni where only a handful of people showed up. It was a bit of a shame but I still think it was worth going and speaking because the topic I spoke about is something I’m really passionate about.

I chose to talk about how people can contribute to WordPress. It’s something I do quite often and whenever I talk about it, I always have people say the same thing to me. They always ask how you can actually do it, and also if you need to be a developer to even start. I went through a sort of step by step process on how to get started including examples and I think it helped everyone and gave them some confidence.

I find that going to small meet-ups like these are a great way to integrate with the community and learn new things as well. Both events I’ve been to have been very rewarding and it’s something I want to keep doing. I’m hoping that these events continue to run and more people get involved too, I think the turnout may be a bit better in the future if more people see how good they are.

Written by Dan

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