Three Years Later

You know, blogging is hard. It’s almost as if it’s like a part-time job in some aspects and I don’t even do it professionally so it’s an easy way to fill up any spare time I might find myself with. I started this blog three years ago (give or take a day I think) and it’s crazy to think how far it’s progressed since then. I’m also kind of in a rush too. So I only just remember that it’s approaching the three-year mark like yesterday, and usually I’m all prepared and have something scheduled but I’ve been so busy I haven’t really had time to sit down and write anything.

Whilst there’s really nothing new to report on right now I don’t think, I have been keeping myself busy by writing my own blogging software. I decided somewhat recently that WordPress has started to take a direction that isn’t suitable for me and what I need it for. I still rely on it for a living, but on a personal level it doesn’t seem like it’s for me anymore. Aside from that though, it’s also pretty cool to try your own hand at making software. It’s hard and I’m sure it’s easy to break, but right now I’m just focusing on little bits at a time.

But moving back onto the main point; this blog. I always say I want to write more. The truth is, I’ve no idea what I actually want to write about half the time so I guess that’s why there’s not been a huge amount of posts coming out. I did originally start off doing lots of blogging courses from and did a fair amount of photography too although that kind of trickled off because there’s only so many times you can make a tree look like ‘art’.

That’s it for another year anyway. I’ll be interested to see where this blog continues to go and how I get on with my little project. I’d set myself some challenges to complete before next year but I’ll pass and wait for News Years Eve to come round before I start writing my obligatory ‘new year, new me’ resolutions! It’s more fun that way.

Written by Dan

I drink lattes and write things.