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As late night blog posts go, this one might not make much sense because it’s now 10pm as I write this and I”m getting sleepy. I guess I’m still on a come down from the high of such a good evening. I hadn’t been to a WordCamp, nor WordPress meetup for that matter so when I was told about this thing that was going on, I got quite excited about it. Whilst to some people it may not be your cup of tea, especially after a hard days work, but sometimes it’s nice to relax and chat about a common interest with other people and do some networking. You don’t actually need to do any talking to get something out of it, although saying hi helps.

At the first WP Essex event, held at the Uni in Chelmsford, it was a chance to meet a few other people interested in WordPress and get to know one another and share ideas. It’s also a great opportunity to learn a thing or two as well because with people from different backgrounds and interests, it’s means there’s a much more broader knowledge to share out.

Not only this but I was also able to make my public speaking debut as well in which I spoke about the WordPress Plugin API. That in itself was quite tricky because not everyone is a developer and so not everyone knows what an API or a plugin actually is, so you need to make it accessible for everyone. It won’t interest everyone and that’s okay, but you need to make it interesting – so no high level waffle about things people don’t care about. It’s also a great in helping overcome the nerves from talking within a large group of people. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s handy to try it out and do a talk on a subject you care about to get use to crowd or group.

Overall I’m happy with how it went and I’d like to do more talks like that in future. I think it’s worth thanking everyone who went and helped make it happen because it’s nice that these sort of meetups exist for people to go to. Having said that, I’m glad they’re not every week because I’m knackered now! Time for some rest.

Update – Friday 15th September

Download the presentation from the event from Dropbox (presentation licence).

Update – Tuesday 19th September

There is now a video of my talk, the last 5 to 10 minutes are cut off though.


  • Congrats on making your talk debut!

    Regretfully couldn’t make last night, but hope to be at next month’s WordPress Essex…

    • Thanks, that’s great – the more people that go the better it’ll be for sure. Still had a good turn out but more people are welcome to join.

  • It was a very interesting and insightful talk, nice to meet you and thanks for all the translation work you put into WordPress. I look forward to connecting and perhaps even working together in the future.

    • Hey Steven, thanks I really enjoyed doing the talk and it’s nice to see that someone enjoyed it – must mean I wasn’t too boring! No worries, it’ll be good to meetup again at another one of these and chat more.

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